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“My son and daughter have each spent a year at Dancing Sol with Matty and Rees, where their curiosity and desire to learn have been nurtured through exploration and discovery. Not only have they learned to be respectful of nature and others (people and animals), but they have also learned to ask for respect (and earn it) from their classmates, which has been important for my son’s transition into Kindergarden, and will no doubt help my daughter as she too begins public school.” ~Stephanie, mom of Aiyana, 4yrs, and Ollie, 6yrs

My daughter has enjoyed Dancing Sol so much, she asked “could I just stay in Pre-school at Dancing Sol FOREVER!?” ~Niyah, 5yrs

“Dancing Sol is fun and I like the teachers. They are really intelligent, and they are very nice. I like that you get to go in the forest and explore. I love Matty and Rees!” ~Love, Phineas 6yrs
“I feel blessed that Finn spent two years at Dancing Sol. I would drop him off at school knowing that he was loved, respected and safe. I truly believe in the importance of giving young children ample opportunity to explore and interact with nature. I am confident that the lessons he learned at Dancing Sol about our natural world, building friendships, and caring for others and our environment have forever shaped his character and nurtured his soul. I would not hesitate to recommend Dancing Sol to other families.” ~Carrie, mother of Finnegan, age 5

Just about every day when Tatum comes home: “I just loooove Matty and Rees. They are hilarious.” and when talking to others: “I go to a nature, hiking school. Ya know, it’s not one of those ABC things.”   ~Tatum, 4 yrs

“Dancing Sol has fostered my daughter’s sense of wonder and given her confidence in the natural world.” ~Heather, mother of Alexandra, 5 yrs

“Rees and Matty truly see each child (and parent!) uniquely. Patience, love, nurturing, confidence, respect, and nature education are just a few of the daily practices at Dancing Sol. My children love going every single day.” ~Erin, mother of Audrey, age 4 and Elliott, age 6

“I can’t say this enough…we feel so blessed to have you two touch our lives in such a profound way… What you provide and do for our children, and our community is simply awesome.” ~Eric, father of Kai, age 5

“Dancing Sol gives the best environment for my very active son!  Everyday is a new adventure and full of discovery.  Rees and Matty provide great attitudes and an environment where kids can be kids while simultaneously learning values and respect.” ~Ceci, mother of Rennick, age 5

“Dancing Sol is one of a kind and will forever be a part of our family.  Matty and Rees’ unique qualifications and admirable team-work creates a nurturing, compassionate environment that over the years have guided our two children into school-readiness while simultaneously allowing them to explore the local environment in developmentally, age-appropriate ways.  This husband and wife team is deeply committed to the well-being of the child and attentively works with your family to meet every need that may arise.  Dancing Sol’s mission of respect for the environment, each other and all things living have strengthened my children’s sense of Self while imbuing them with an appreciation for their place in the world and the need to care for the environment.  A wide-range of daily curiosity-inciting activities, most of the tactile kind which resonates so well with this age group, keeps learning exciting and fun.  My daughter was sad to graduate and my son loves to hop into class every day.  This school is a wise investment in your child that will continue to pay dividends long after your child graduates.” ~Minna, mother of Hanna, age 6 and Henrik, age 4

“I never once had to worry about my kids well being when I dropped them off at Dancing Sol.  It’s an incredible relief to know your preschooler is in such good hands each day.” ~Amy, mother of Owen, 5yrs, and Issac, 7yrs